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What is it?

Docustyle video refers to using the documentary approach to creating a short-form video. It’s comprised of real interviews and real footage of people who use your product, work for your company, or that have been impacted by your service or action. The authentic and genuine approach of docustyle cuts through the traditional advertising facade and allows the viewer to see real people telling their real experiences.

Who is it for

Docustyle videos are great for everyone. You want people to know that your business is more than just an innovative gadget, a great user experience, or an awesome cause. These videos allow you to you to put the most authentic version of your brand or company on display to truly show viewers that your product is bigger than any clever commercial or slick photo layout. You are real people doing very real things.

When to use this video type?

The current trends of video show that viewers crave authentic and genuine content. The biggest brands in the world have veered away from the unrealistic representation of themselves and have leaned into the real stories of their consumers, employees and brand advocates. There is never a bad time to use docustyle video.

Why to work with Covalent?


We understand that it starts with understanding. We aim to understand you and your brand in a way that allows us to express your mission and values in a way that connects with viewers beyond the surface. We want them to see you for who you really are and how you impact the world.


When we partner with you, we see ourselves as advocates for your brand. We value that you trust us with your story and we take that very seriously. We invest heavily in telling the best possible and most genuine version of your story. .


We strive for depth and emotion within every piece we create. We want viewers to have a positive emotional reaction to the videos we create. Whether it’s aspirational or inspirational, we want to connect you to the viewer in a way that’s bigger than just empty promises and meaningless scripting.

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