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Documentary/ Film

What is it?

Documentaries are some of the most impactful and emotionally persuasive pieces of media. They are nonfictional motion pictures intended to document reality, so that a viewer can be better informed, educated, or enlightened about a subject they had little to no prior knowledge about. They are genuine accounts of a specific stories that are unscripted and are becoming one of the most largely consumed film mediums in recent times.

Who is it for

Documentaries are for stories that need to be told. They are not advertisements; they’re opportunities to tell rich and sincere stories that an audience can engage with on a profound level. You are informing, entertaining, impressing, and fostering an authentic relationship with your customers. BMW, MCM, and The Art Institutes are just some of the international and national brands that understand and have harnessed the power of this medium.

When to use this video type?

Documentaries are perfect for talking to a person as a person. You can bring your stories, your ideas, and your innovations to meet the viewer on their level. They are perfect for branded content, where your goal is really to engage and build trust with the customer. If you tell real, authentic stories, with no strings attached you will build something for the long term. If you want a level of prestige and trust, documentaries are the perfect solution

Why to work with Covalent?

Purpose: Our first goal is to understand you and your brand in a way that allows us to express your mission and values. There is no value to you unless we can create evocative and resonating stories that will connect deeply with your viewers. We are documentarians at heart, and take telling impactful stories with integrity.

Advocacy: When we partner with you, we see ourselves as advocates for your brand. We value that you trust us with your story and we take that very seriously. We want to feel like partners so we act like partners. We’re invested in telling the best and most genuine story.

Emotion: Your audience will feel an emotion and understand deeply the messages you strive for them to understand. That is our mission. We create content that connects, on a deeper level so that you can have a more rewarding and productive relationship with your viewers. Whether it’s aspirational or inspirational, we want to connect you to the viewer in a way that’s bigger than just empty promises and meaningless scripting.

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