The future of Recruiting in the Age of Automation and Artificial Intelligence

  • Bias-free
  • Shorter Time-to-Hire
  • High Quality
  • 60% Productivity Growth
  • Lower Cost-to-Hire
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How we help you with our AI Technology

How we help you with our 
AI Technology

Great Visibility

Our Interactive Branding Solutions help thousands of potential employees visiting your website easily obtain information about your company through a number of close touch points.

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Smart Recruitment

Smart Recruitment

By using rich content and online marketing campaigns, our AI Recruitment Solutions do the heavy lifting of localizing, engaging and matching for you. We help automate 75% of the whole process. So you can just focus on the key part: interviewing and onboarding your new hires.

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Genius Thinking

Genius Thinking

With our "best-in-class" workshops based on our indepth industry experience, cutting edge AI knowledge and digital transformation expertise, we help you stay ahead in this fast-paced digital world.

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How we make it happen

We Define Your Recruitment Vision

We help you define your vision and strategy. By the end of our workshops, you will have a stronger statements of visions, missions and values, ready to share to potential great staff.

We Formulate the Recruitment Strategy

A strategy that realises your Recruitment vision by:

  • Developing a thorough business case

  • Defining relevant personas

  • Assign clear milestones and KPI's

  • We're able to predict potential campaign success

We design solutions

This is all about designing very effective content and alignment of the best technology to deliver on our promises and your vision.

  • Building Matching Chatbot flows

  • Setting up omnichanel campaign and distribution strategy

  • Relevant communities.

  • Insightful Dashboards

Now, Start Telling Your Story and Ready to Go Live

Time to target and engage the right talent for you. It's a combination of:

  • Our finest Growth Hacking techniques.

  • Appealing employee branding.

  • Advanced data collection.

  • A continuous endevour of measuring and improving the effectiveness of your story for both active and passive job seekers.

We Support You to Monetise Your Campaign

Telling becomes selling. Convert job seekers into perfect candidates by automating matching algorithms, personalising vacancy pages and involving manual recruiter if necessary. Fast onboarding processes guarantee a seamless candidate journey.

We Provide You Valuable Insights

The campaign, candidate journey, matching and onboarding are under close watch. Cutting edge algorithms are applied and translated into actionable insights for you. Matching does not end at the frontdoor, however, so we monitor and advice to create lasting impact.

Why to consider AI recruitment solutions at GeniusMinds

Your candidates can't wait.

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