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Powerful trading platforms and tools.
Always innovating for efficiency.

Our latest technology-powered platforms present a variety of financial instruments to choose from, along with multiple analytical tools, indicators and charts
Trading Platforms
We cater to every type of trader, presenting a wide-selection of trading platforms for website, desktop as well as mobile trading.
Web Trading Web Trading

Accessing a website to keep track of news and accurate price/index without the requirement of downloading or installing.

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Home Trading Home Trading

Installing the application that allows investors to view the number of indexes at the same time. This platform not only contains a user-friendly system but also provides many features with more security.

Mobile Trading Mobile Trading

Utilize your mobile to view interactive charts, or configure your screen to add as many charts as you wish. You can also get notifications and price signals on your phone.

Trading Tools
Our price board and technical charting will take your trading to the next level.
Price Board Price Board

Reflect the price development that allows investors to monitor market prices and optimize transactions with lifetime preferences.

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Technical Charting Technical Charting

Evaluate securities and estimate the future movement based on statistics collected from trading activity.

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Research Center

Amplify your strategy with
our Research

Research Center
Initial Report & short note 20
Provide basic information that filed at the beginning of the formation of an investment.
Daily Reports 13
Keep track of pre-market conditions, significant stock moves, overnight activity in international markets.
Macro & Strategy 26
Provide analysis of market movers, includes chart analysis of key stocks, gives investors an overview, forecast of the economy, market and other developments.
Technical Analytics 17
Examine and predict the future prices of securities based on price movement, charts, trends, trading volume and other factors.
Recommended Portfolio 22
Offer the asset allocation to ensure the goal achievement and to reduce the level of risk for investors.
Investment Data 8
Access data to ensure market intelligence is available to inform the investment trends.
Professional Advisor

Professional Advisor

Building growth in your portfolio.

At Mirae Asset, we believe every successful organization is built on teamwork. Our team consists of experienced portfolio managers and investment advisors, backed by a comprehensive team of specialists and support professionals.

Our dedication to service starts with having a strong foundation that is capable of meeting the highest level of our clients’ immediate and long-term needs.



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