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Our values shape the way we work.


We strive so serve our customers through the high quality of our service.

Positive thinking

We promote a positive, energising, optimistic, fun and creative work environment.


We have the adaptability to adjust to any situation and improvise our solutions.


We treat each other fairly, with courtesy, candour and sensitivity. We encourage diversity.

Performance based

We are accountable for the company’s successes and failures. We build on each other’s strengths.

Our Purpose

Let’s make the world a little bit better

Every day, we thrive on creating value beyond profit by making sure that people get the jobs they deserve and companies get the employees that fit best. Why? We believe it makes the world a little bit better.

The main purpose of team GeniusMinds is to create both successful customers and candidates. So we invented amazing new AI technology to create something all of us want, but only few could get. Until now. Our tech guarantees an amazing match between people, their jobs and companies and generates lasting, powerful and mutually reinforcing success which benefit all.

We are shaping the world of future work for society and above all the world we live in. That’s what we call Genius.

How it happens

We’re not a traditional agency.

We’re a strategic partner who believes that partnership starts with equivalence, where both parties need to invest and commit to gain successes via strong collaboration.

We ThinkGenius and use our GeniusMinds continuously to enable great work and foster inclusion and diversity of employment, because this is what we love and do best. Our AI staffing technology makes it possible to boost equal opportunities for human and labor rights.

It’s our higher purpose to create and be part of a society where everyone has equal rights, equal pay, equal access to education and equal career growing opportunities.

What we do

AI-driven Talent Acquisition

Make a complex HR/recruitment business look simple by developing and implementing cutting edge AI technology and create huge value for business and society.

There are many steps on this journey, and we recognize that we do not have all the answers yet. However, we keep it simple and never stop being our authentic selves.

We are shaping future proof staffing business by combining the best from people with the best from AI technology. We create value beyond profit.

Meet our team

Frank Grootenboer


Maaike Westhuis

Branding Director

Erik Tromp


Jasper de Vries

Associate Partner

Jeffrey van der Eijk

Associate Partner

Hans van Voorbergen

Senior Consultant

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