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Cyber Credit

Cyber Credit is a world class financial hub for community members to build personal credit and do business with each other. Anyone can benefit from our lending programs and be able to get the best deals from merchants from all around the world simply by becoming our certified member.



We are committed to nurturing world class partnerships with our community members and suppliers in order to build a complete financial ecosystem that lasts.
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We aim to establish a biggest financial community to support our eco-system and our future medium of payment – the Cyber Credit Coin. We make sure that everyone who gets on board early will get fair share of returns for their contributions and support to the community. We are confident that with our top of the line 24/7 customer service system, we will be able to build trust and reliability, thus increases membership growth exponentially.

We position ourselves as one of the most reliable credit rating agencies where our credit scoring system is a reliable benchmark for our peers within the field. Soon, other communities will start using our credit system for their own members. Imagine a world with so many financial communities doing business with each other using Cyber Credit Rating system, it’s fascinating!

We will be the first to issue credit lines for individuals and SMEs around the globe, especially in developing countries. Cyber Credit Bank will facilitate loans for its members and customers, enabling a financial hub free of any governmental control. This strategic move will help us get massive media attention from around the world. The price of Cyber Credit Coin will sky rocket when this news hit the market.



Cyber Credit Bank



A clear vision is always followed by a clear roadmap. Each single step on our vividly clear roadmap signifies an important impact on the price of CYB token. Please take notes of these important dates as they will help you make investment decision wisely to cash out more money.

2019 Onward


Lending Program

Wealth is when small efforts produce big results. You take care of the 'Small Efforts', and let our financial experts take care of the 'Big Results'.

  • Deposit Bitcoin / Ethereum

    Log in to your back office page to make BTC/ETH deposit

  • Buy Cyber Credit Token

    Use BTC/ETH to buy Cyber Credit Token from exchange

  • Select Lending Packages

    Lend your Cyber Credit Token in USD

  • Earn Daily & Monthly Profit

    Earn interest from Mining, Volatility Software Interest & Contribution Point System

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Initial Coin

The ICO funding will be utilised for Cyber Credit first phase of development - creating a trustworthy financial community. Purchase your tokens early to benefit from huge capital gains in near future.

Ico Structure

  • Investors 50%
  • Community Development 5%
  • Founders 5%
  • Sales & Marketing 20%
  • IT & Maintenace 10%
  • R&D, Product Development 10%

Guaranteed Buy Back

At Cyber Credit, members’ satisfaction is our top priority. Therefore, we offer a buy back guarantee in case you change your mind after your token purchase.

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